Working around Kununurra

Kununurra is a popular place for backpackers on their working holiday visa’s to come to do their farm work.  The dry season (April-November) is the best time for harvest/farming work, however there is a small amount of work during the wet season (November – March).  We recommend arriving from March as the placement system works on a first come first served basis, however you need to be prepared for the possibility of a few weeks wait until the farming starts as this is all dependent on the weather.  For those not requiring their farming days or whilst waiting for farm work to start, there is hospitality and retail work, especially during the tourist season which is mainly from June onwards.

Although there is the possibility of getting work through the hostel we highly recommend registering with The Job Shop.

The Job Shop work hard to ensure that all backpackers (especially those needing their farming days) are placed in jobs in a timely and fair manner.

To find out more about Kununurra follow this link